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Early Spread Detection

Natalie Davidson, Apr 24, 2020

Why participate in the survey?

To answer this question, we first need to answer another question: what may happen when quarantine restrictions are relieved? As observed in Singapore [1], the Influenza pandemic of 1918 [2, 3], and...

Case Definition Explained

Ximena Bonilla, Apr 16, 2020

When a disease is being monitored, epidemiologists follow its progression by counting cases, calculating infection rates in the population, and then tracking the changes in these numbers over time. However, in order to count cases, a case definition

Stronger together

Andre Kahles, Apr 11, 2020

Joining forces to fight COVID-19

When we started to put our first questionnaires out, we quickly found ourselves in very good company. Also other teams had started to set up trackers and put them online, advertising them in social media. Their...

Behind the Scenes

Andre Kahles, Mar 20, 2020

Setting up a COVID-19 Survey

News, social media, economy, our daily lives, … - everything seems to be fully determined by the current pandemic of the SARS-CoV-2 virus that has taken hold of almost all countries in the world and has brought public...